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Whether you are having breakfast in your pajamas on a hot summer morning or sunbathing in a bikini, a privacy screen means you can fully enjoy what you are doing, without being observed. There are numerous options to protect your privacy, let’s discover them together:

1. Balcony coatings

The panels, which can be placed along the balcony balustrade, are true classics. You can wrap them through the feet or use hooks and eyelets to attach them to the railing. This gives not only more privacy on the balcony, but also protection from the wind.

You can choose from a variety of colors and materials, choosing your favorite shade starting with the plastic mesh, in particular, as well as the fixed cables and similar natural materials. They are robust and easy to maintain. However, in the long term, they can suffer the effects of heat and intense light, becoming opaque and fragile over the years. The natural material, in fact, deteriorates due to the effects of time. The advantage is that they can be washed if necessary. You can even machine wash them, depending on the size.

2. Curtains

Curtains are another practical solution. Usually, in the form of a retractable roof, they are a large protective screen from prying eyes. Another advantage of awnings is that they insulate at least a little bit from the rain. A disadvantage is that they can get moldy if rolled up when they are still wet. It is recommended to dry them well after each rainy event. If they are not used as a shelter, some curtains can have a fan shape, like a dial, and can be placed on the left and right sides of the balcony.

The use of a steel plate to fix them to the wall of the house will help their assembly, allowing them to be removed so as not to be seen. However, they need to be kept under control in case of strong wind: folding them or securing them to the wall again. There are several materials on the market – they are usually plastic, e.g. polyester – and are available in a wide range of colors.

3. Fences

Like the balcony cladding, the fence along the railing also protects our privacy. Usually made of transparent or opaque material, it can also be used as a cover in grass, heather or bamboo. It can be purchased in rolls of variable lengths and widths and easily cut to size. If you are a lover of natural style, take into account their durability: bamboo, for example, is known to be particularly resistant.

4. Herbs and climbing plants

Plants can also be large privacy screens on the balcony, as long as they grow to the necessary height. If you buy still relatively small plants, of course, it will take months or years for your balcony screen to become high enough. Unless you put the plants in a pot directly on the balcony railing.

Aromatic herbs, boxwood, thuja, and bamboo are classic alternatives to this solution. In terms of pot plants, verbena, oleander, hibiscus, bay leaf, and olive plants are well suited. Climbing plants are a good choice to resort to. Plants like ivy, vines or clematis certainly need a mesh or a support net.

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