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The Colors of the Holidays and the Best Wishes in Bloom

Merry and colorful Christmas with plants that wish happiness and luck by bringing the charm of nature into the home: here are the tips for choosing and caring for the plants of the holidays.

Green is a fundamental component of the quality of life, even in winter in the home. Office and workplaces in general. Plants offer us not only the pleasure of admiring their beauty, but also the purification of home air and help to combat stress. In addition, many plants have always been given special meanings related to good wishes, luck, and hope.

The star: splendor and air purification

The Christmas star, for example, has the ability to absorb benzene, a polluting substance

Released by car engines, unfortunately, present in the smog of the city that also penetrates the home. To preserve the beauty of the star you need a cool and very bright place, away from heat sources. Daily sprays of distilled water are useful for maintaining high humidity.

Flowers and foliage to say “best wishes!”

Many flowering and foliage plants are ideal for expressing good wishes, esteem and affection: for example, the hellebore or Christmas rose, whose white, pink or lilac flowers are a nice sign of hope and expectation for the return of the summer. The cyclamen speaks of esteem and respect; you can associate varieties with red and white flowers for a splendid Christmas effect. If the plant is in a very cool environment, or even outdoors protected from frost, the beauty lasts long.

A nice sign of good wishes is the amaryllis with a large flower on a tall and thin stem: a relative of the lily, it expresses esteem and congratulations on the objectives achieved. Pearly berry mistletoe is the most traditional of the symbols of peace, reconciliation, and love: legend says that a kiss under the mistletoe ensures love forever.

The colors of the Tropics

To celebrate Christmas and the new year you can also choose some generous tropical plants: orchids, the Christmas cactus (it is of Brazilian origin), bromeliads such as guzmania with colorful leaves. And to put a pinch of fun in it, think also of chili: this Mexican plant, which over time has become typical throughout the Mediterranean, wishes passion and health, there is no better wish!

Expert advice

• The fertilization of Christmas plants can be simplified by using integrator in universal drops: just place a small vial in the soil to obtain gradual nourishment that is expressed over 15-20 days.

• To preserve an optimal degree of humidity in the soil and reduce the commitment to water, requires the water reserve, ideal even if you will be away from home for a few days during the Christmas holidays (remembering to leave the plants in bright light: they can stay in the dark only 24-48 hours).

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