Ornamental Plants

The Varieties of Orchids per Apartment and Their Care

They are plants that adapt perfectly to bright places without direct sun, for this reason, different varieties of orchids per apartment are perfect for decorating your home.

Although we have already talked about how to take care of orchids in another article, today we want to focus instead on the most common varieties of orchids and on the suggestions to make them last longer.

Caring for Phalaenop...

Ornamental Plants

How to Take Care of the Hoya

More commonly known as ‘wax flower’, Hoya plants are climbers that can be grown as indoor plants and have a very fragrant bloom. Did you know that there is a variety that smells like chocolate? Add them to your indoor plant collection, follow the tips in this guide on how to care for Hoya.

How to grow Hoya

Although there are a good number of Hoya varieties, their basic needs in terms of light, sub...

Ornamental Plants

How to Combine Indoor Plants in a Pot

Today I want to propose an exercise that seems very interesting to me to learn more about gardening: combining indoor plants in a single pot or container. Whether it is to obtain a decorative composition or to take advantage of the fact that in some pots we find more than one plant, it will also be an opportunity to learn more about them.

Tips for matching indoor plants

I think that combining seve...

Ornamental Plants

Ivy Planting

It is a very easy plant to care for and that lends itself to an enormous variety of uses, such as climbing or ground cover; it has rapid growth and uses aerial roots to anchor itself to the closest object. The ivy has persistent leaves, with three or five lobes, a beautiful intense green or variegated white or greyish-green...