Modern organic fertilizers

Growing professionally can be easier than a novice grower thinks. Specialty shops for growers have all the necessary fertilizers to grow healthy, organic, environmentally friendly plants. Choose nutrients for cannabis.

Initially, “organic farming” relies on the use of compost: such fertilizers are the most readily available, especially in country houses. In addition, the farmer can rest assured that the compost is environmentally friendly:

  1. the origin is known
  2. absolutely natural,
  3. efficiency tested by many generations,
  4. ideal for outdoor use.

The beneficial properties of “traditional” fertilizers without harmful impurities and the latest developments in the field of crop production make it possible to obtain an organic fertilizer that uses the power of soil microorganisms. Strong root systems, disease resistance, and best of all! – 100% organic.

The iconic Ukrainian grow shop No. 1 offers modern organic fertilizer Bio tabs for soil – liquid, dry, and tableted. Grow pro has everything you need for an easy start, both outdoors and indoors.

Bio tabs organic fertilizers in grow shop

Fertilizer-tablet is very convenient: it allows you to get the correct dosage of all the necessary elements without measuring pH, and also without measuring the content of PPM salts, not for drip irrigation. You can buy bio tabs as an easy start kit – one tablet is enough for a full-plant growth cycle, which gradually releases beneficial substances. The price of bio tabs is not the lowest, but all investments will pay off handsomely.

Advantages of bio tabs:

  • one tablet for several liters of soil;
  • ideal for coconut soil, which is normally low in nutrients;
  • improve the soil and promote excellent absorption of fertilizers, prevent soil leaching;
  • stimulate the growth of the root system;
  • suitable for low temperatures;
  • no additional fertilization is required, only water;
  • provides easy care of plants and a great harvest;
  • long-term storage;
  • 100 percent organic.

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