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When we talk about rat poison we mean the use of rodenticides, baits made to be palatable to mice. Read more here.

For greater awareness on the use of bait for mice, the following factors must be kept in mind: 

  • rat poison is a highly toxic substance that must be used with extreme caution as it can endanger the life of non-target animals and even humans
  • mice and rats have different tastes in terms of food, and it would therefore be correct to adopt rat poison made up of the most palatable ingredients for each species
  • if mice and rats are able to enter the house or company, they travel through the environments along different paths – the black rat is able to climb and reach the attics, the mice prefer to move close to the walls, the brown rat prefers environments with the availability of water – for this reason, the rat poison must be placed in strategic points.

Rat poison: what to know about rat poison

The rat poison is one of the products mostly used as an edible bait and is contained in special containers. Usually, it is a finished bait that adapts to the environment and does not lose the substance and its effectiveness in case of bad environmental conditions.

Many of the rodent control products available on the market contain an anticoagulant as an active ingredient. To eliminate infestations, it is necessary to choose bait for mice capable of dehydrating them. By doing so, the mouse will tend to move away from the building in search of water where it will die.

We must be very careful because rodenticide poison is toxic and dangerous not only for mice but also for pets and humans. Dogs and cats unfortunately risk coming into contact with them involuntarily and risk dying if they are not treated in time with special detoxification prophylaxis performed by the veterinarian. In addition, some rodents in recent years are developing a strong resistance to these poisons that make them completely harmless.

The baits for mice, or rodenticides, are divided into:

  • Acute rodenticides: they are able to quickly kill rodents, but if the ingested dose is insufficient and the rodent survives, a permanent aversion to the toxic bait develops and the information is also transmitted to the other components of the colony. They are very dangerous for humans and non-target animals.
  • Chronic rodenticides: they do not kill rodents quickly and therefore do not associate the symptoms of poisoning with the consumption of the toxic bait. They are all substances that act as blood anticoagulants, easily available and administered, and their antidote is represented by vitamin K.

Rat poisons, in accordance with the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, contain substances that prevent their ingestion by humans. 

Rather than using rat poison without the proper knowledge, Rentokil recommends enlisting the help of rat extermination professional to address a problem with mice.

RapidPro rodenticide bait

The new RapidPro rodenticide lure is a powerful rodenticide capable of rapidly containing a rat infestation. After just one meal, the product acts on the central nervous system of the mouse, putting it to sleep quickly and permanently.

Once the origin of the infestation has been identified, thanks to the competence of our highly qualified Rentokil technicians, the traps with the RapidPro bait inside, will be strategically placed to favor the feeding of the mice and to encourage the mice to feed.


  • Rapid mouse control – fast-acting, the acute rodenticide acts already after the first meal.
  • Bring conditions back to normal quickly – rapid and noticeable impact in infested areas
  • Resolve issues of prolonged mouse infestation – suitable for environments where mice have become resistant to traditional rodenticides
  • Quickly reduces public health risks – shorter treatments ensure a greater reduction of any risk of contamination
  • Painless method – eliminating the mouse in sleep RapidPro presents itself as a non-bloody solution compared to anticoagulants

How to place mouse bait

In general, mouse baits can be purchased from specialized retailers, and are supplied in practical bags that must be placed in tamper-proof containers. 
Rentokil traps complete with mouse bait are professional and certified traps, used for client companies. 
If an infestation occurs in your home environments, Rentokil technicians can provide you, thorough inspection, with specialized advice to identify access points for mice, to indicate where it is more appropriate to place the baits, and to provide you with safe baits.

Both on the farm and at home, mice tend to walk the surfaces along the walls and love to create small shelters inside furniture or the walls themselves. Thanks to their teeth they are able to widen any cracks and hide effectively. In large environments such as warehouses, offices, and large companies it can be very difficult to strategically place mouse bait. Inspection by a professional allows you to:

  • identify the paths of mice or rats thanks to traces of urine, excrement, or other signals
  • monitor the severity and type of infestations with special traps 

Rentokil recommends, especially to companies, to use a constant monitoring service of mice in order to avoid the uncontrolled spread of the infestation.

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