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How to manage brambles and shrubs

Brambles, whose name derives from the scientific name «Rubus», can be of different varieties, of which blackberries and raspberries are the most common. In this article, we will see all types, including those that proliferate at high speed, but following our advice you will be able to manage brambles and shrubs, saving your garden from invasion.

If you previously planted a “Rubus” shrub in your ...

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How to Take Care of Calathea

Maranta and Calathea are plants that are part of the Marantaceae family, characterized by the splendid colors and motifs of their leaves. They are also called ‘prayer plants’ due to the peculiar nocturnal movement when it closes by collecting all the leaves. It is a perennial plant that we can enjoy throughout the year, we immediately see in detail how to take care of Calathea.

How to take care of...

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Weed out Weeds Naturally

Whether you are having breakfast in your pajamas on a hot summer morning or sunbathing in a bikini, a privacy screen means you can fully enjoy what you are doing, without being observed. There are numerous options to protect your privacy, let’s discover them together:

1. Balcony coatings

The panels, which can be placed along the balcony balustrade, are true classics...

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Cabbages and Broccoli

There are many species of cabbage, all belonging to the Cruciferae family, but very different from each other: many are grown for the head, some for the inflorescences (broccoli and cauliflower), others for the stem that has the shape of a round ball (kohlrabi). Cauliflower, kohlrabi and savoy cabbage prefer a temperate climate, they tolerate the cold very well, while they fear drought...

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Cucumber Planting

There are several varieties, from fresh consumption and pickles, which differ in shape and color. Cucumber prefers a temperate-warm climate and a medium-textured, deep soil, rich in organic matter, fresh and well-drained...

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How to Regenerate the Lawn Before Winter

It is undeniable that a thick and well-kept lawn, a large green carpet, is preferable to a stripped one, with damaged areas and little grass. Today we see together the possible causes of these problems and the remedies to regenerate the lawn, to have it healthy and shiny.

Repair grassy areas damaged due to lack of light

The stripped areas of the lawn must be worked with a hoe to move the soil befo...

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Cacti at Home: The Pleasure of Succulents

Exceptional plants for beauty and resistance, cacti lend themselves to ignite curiosity: here are which ones to choose and how to treat them.

The charm of cacti is linked to their legendary ability to survive in extreme conditions of heat and drought, to which are added the sculptural and extravagant forms and, at times, a surprising flowering...