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Cucumber Planting

There are several varieties, from fresh consumption and pickles, which differ in shape and color. Cucumber prefers a temperate-warm climate and a medium-textured, deep soil, rich in organic matter, fresh and well-drained. To enrich the soil with humus and organic matter, it is advisable to add organic fertilizer or mature manure to the soil before its preparation (pelleted products greatly reduce the possibility of spreading of weeds present in fresh animal manure). Use of universal organo-mineral fertilizer.


It is advisable to climb it on supports, so the fruits remain clean and are less prone to fungal diseases. The cutting of the apex is required by the cucumbers to favor the more vigorous and fruitful lateral branches than the apical one, but not by the gherkins. It is greedy of water and organo-mineral fertilizer to be used before sowing or transplanting, to then repeat cover fertilization about a month after transplanting. Try to avoid wetting the leaves, to prevent the development of cryptogamic diseases. Mulching with black polyethylene (mulching sheet) is welcome, to prevent weeds and to retain moisture in the soil.


It can be sown in a seedbed or directly in the vegetable garden (used for sowing in a seedbed, alveoli or pots Stallnutrix soil conditioner mixed with universal soil). In the first case, we proceed in March and transplant when the seedlings are one month old, with the collar buried (to encourage the rooting of the young plants at the time of transplanting, it is possible to add a radical activator to the planting hole). In the second case, it is planted between April and May, with distances of 60 cm between the seeds and 80 cm between the rows. Harvesting takes place between June and September, about 2 months after sowing.

Watering and fertilizing

Positive combination with lettuce, cabbage, green beans, and peas, but also radishes and onions. Avoid the proximity of potatoes.


It is easier to attack mites and is to be kept under control to avoid botrytis, fusarium, powdery mildew

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